Can't figure out layered paper cuts

I’m totally frustrated. I have downloaded more than a dozen layered papercut files, and can NOT figure out how to get them over to Cricut with all their layers. I’m a very experienced crafter, and have never had any issues with anything else I downloaded from Design Bundles, but these are totally defeating me. They all CLAIM to have SVG files, but none of them do, they only have an HTML link. The PNG file, which is my favorite format most times, has all Xlayers as a single image, if you upload that to Design Space and try to save it as a cut file it gives you a single black shape like you welded all layers. HELP, please.

I had favorited a few papercut designs, but have now unfavorited. Thank you for the heads up! :blush:

Hello Patricia!

The HTML file you are seeing is actually the SVG file! :smiley:

Here is a guide that may help:

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Okay, apparently what you have to do is select the file that says “Microsoft Edge HTML Document” Nothing about that is intuitive. But at least it seems to work… sometimes.

Apparently the secondary issue I’m having is that a Microsoft update that insisted on installing today has stripped all of my unzipped files. I’m having to go back to the original downloads, unzip them again… and then the file manager is only showing them in alpha order, not date order, so once these drop into the “a long time ago” folder (which is the bucket for anything older than last month) I’m going to have to search an alpha list hundreds of files long for the files I just used. ugh

Thank you. It’s idiotic, but at least now I can get SOME of these to work.


I still haven’t updated to Windows 11 purposely because I’m afraid it will wipe a part of my PC that I need.

Thank Heavens for backup!!

Not sure this will help, I downloaded each layer as it’s own file. I’ve had to do this on other sites too. Such as Dreaming Tree.

I may have to do that, as well, once I get into papercut crafts. Thanks for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face:

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