Can't see and access my purchased files in my reg. purchases or Plus account

I am so frustrated as this has happened on several occasions. When I log into my account on another computer in my shop, I can’t see all of my purchased files in my regular account and nothing shows up in my PLUS account. They are gone and my plus credits say 0.2 when I have over 1500. I have written several times and nothing gets resolved. I need to be able to access my files without having to download all of them on my external drive (which has already crashed once and I lost everything). This place is my only saving grace of getting them again.

Has anyone else had this issue? Not sure what I am doing wrong. I’ve been a gold member since day one so I have quite a few files.

Any help from anyone would be so greatly appreciated.

This does sound extremely frustrating! Hopefully you’ll get a resolve.

Hello Cheryl!

Welcome to the Community Forum, we’re so happy to have you here! Be sure to check out our e13817fe93529cada7193825d82f22f9, our start guide has many tips, tricks, and tutorials that may be helpful! We also have our monthly competition - b32a9ebce4d1862d9c56b9f3a5dde982 where you can win Plus Credits!

It almost sounds like you are logging into a different account on your secondary device. I would recommend checking the email address you are logged in with on both accounts. Also, I would reach out to Customer Support at e43b0e6aa4f87053d428015f7868d4f1 and they can certainly assist you! Also, if you have not heard back from support their email likely got sent to your spam/promotions box as sometimes the first email from support does go there. You can always send a secondary email asking for a follow up. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to help!