Canvas Workspace basics

** Formally Brother Scan and Cut Canvas*

*** Note That this new software is downloadable to your PC or laptop.*

1- Log into Canvas workspace.

2- Your shape choices are now located on the left toolbar. click on the shape icon and then to get standard shapes click on the circle/triangle icon. You will see many different shapes appear. You cna use the scroll bar to find all of the options.

3- Once you have chosen a shape, click on it. The shape will appear in the workspace.

4- Under the shapes is the border option. Click on it. You can scroll through the choices then click on the one you would like. It will appear on your workspace.

5- The last option gives you pre design words to sue in your designs. There are many to choose from.

Click on one for it to appear in your workspace.

6- On the right side of your workspace you have the properties of the image or design you have selected. There is the option to cut or draw(1), the choice to fill the colour or colour the line(2), and you can also change the width of the line when drawing, and change the type offline to be cut(3)

7- On the right toolbar, you can click on the edit icon. this will give you choice to change the x and y position of your image/shape(1), change the size of your design(2), rotate your design(3), align more than one parts of your design (4) and you can also use the process overlap option(5) which gives you the option to divide, weld, subtract and intersect.

8- You also have the Layer icon. this will bring up each layer you have created. This is great for selecting specific parts of a design.

9- Lastly you have the artboard icon. Here you can change the size of your workspace and add or remove grid lines.