Cards of hope and love

Hi all,

I started making cards to send my friends with messages so that they can have a pleasant memory from this whole madness we are living in right now.

Has anyone else had the same idea?

I also started to include them in gift orders as a nice little pick me up.

Here’s two designs I used from Cricut Design Space (Otherwise I WILL faff about)


Love it! That’s a sweet idea :heart:

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Very nice! :heart_eyes:

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That’s a great idea and very thoughtful

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That’s a lovely idea @Amatullah_S :heart:

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That is a great idea! I love these cards

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Love this idea.

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Yes, I have been thinking about sending cards to all my friends and family, and have made a start. Thank you for sharing, have fun creating :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been tweaking designs and making different ones because i can’t control myself LOL!

Please do share what you do! x

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These are fantastic. Great work! :smiley:

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Oh very beautiful!

That’s a really sweet idea. In a day of a digital world, it’s great to get cards like that. Makes it extra special.

This is such a sweet idea!