Cartoon Family

Hi, any one that can create figures for cartoon families in svg or png files please?



@CleanCutCreative has a set of characters!!!

Here is her christmas characters -

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Thanx but I want the “normal” characters and not the Christmas ones.

Thanks @SugarBearStudio! :heart: Salomie I’m currently working on a big character set :smiley: Just a few weeks before it’s ready :blush: Here’s a sneak preview

The bodies and heads will be interchangeable so you can mix & match :grin: but I need a few more weeks to complete :blush:


Love this!! :hearts:

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Thank you, this will work, can you let me know once ready please?

@Salomie_V Yes, I’ll do that, thank you! :heart:

Thank you so much! :heart:

That looks great! :heart:

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Ahhh! I can’t wait, Olga! I used your Christmas version last Christmas on each tag, my family loved them!

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@Justina_T Aww, that’s so good to hear :heart_eyes: thank you so much! :heart:

I love the Christmas characters! Can’t wait for the character set you are working on now.

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Oh my gosh this is perfect!

I was also going to suggest @CleanCutCreative

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I love these!!!

Thanks for sharing! These are too cute!


How is the character set coming along? Looking forward to seeing what the non Christmas set looks like.

Hi Mary, Thank you for inquiring! :heart: It’s coming along nicely, I estimate about a week before it’s ready! :grin: It’s the biggest project for me yet and I’m really excited about it! :heart_eyes: I’ll post here when it’s up,thank you!


Ohhh I can’t wait to see when they are complete! :heart:

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This is so cute, I’ve always wanted something like this, please let me know when its ready too.

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