Choosing a Font

How does everyone go about choosing a font? I have so many that i get completely overwhelmed when starting a project.


You’re not the only one dealing with font-overwhelm, @Charlene_S! What helps me is organising my fonts into collections in FontBase. I try to group fonts by their general mood and character, such as “playful + bouncy”, and then browse whichever collection seems best suited to my latest project. And whenever I really can’t decide I fall back on my twenty or so favourites that are versatile enough to be used in pretty much everything.

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I have a “favorites” list, and try to choose a font based upon the design I am creating. A kid-target design will warrant a kid-friendly font, Where as an adult man would want something bold & basic (mostly) or grunge. Adult women - cursive, flourishes, fancy. (of course, these are not all 100% set in stone, lol) and then I go through my favorites list.

Font pairs/duo’s really help, so I don’t have to go searching for a font that looks good with another in one design. And I try to remember that not all fonts will fit all projects and go outside my scope of Favorites to find the one that fits the best.


Sometimes it’s a matter of which font catches my eye, but I think it through a bit more now. Sometimes it depends on the nature of the project that I’m using it for (or what I know of the things I could use it for). My perception of fonts and what looks good has also changed over time.

I know from creating things like book covers that some font styles/types have strong genre connections (serifs might suit one thing, sans serifs another, or sans serifs and script fonts might be used in combination etc). While there are heaps of other uses for fonts, some types of fonts are popular for certain things. I aim for a balance between ‘to market’ and ‘what looks good but also a bit unique’.

When I buy them, I also consider factors like clarity (how visible they might be at a small size and how easily I can read the text in them - if I can’t read the font name on the image when it’s in the font, it’s an automatic no), whether I’ll use them often (there’s no point paying a lot if you only get one or two uses out of them, unless those uses are important, e.g. branding), and how professional they look. While I’ve bought fonts before that didn’t look professional/immaculate, at the end of the day it tends to win out to create a product that looks the best it can be.

So I think no matter what you’re creating, go for what looks good and a bit professional, otherwise it could probably look a bit better if you used a different font. There are exceptions if you’re going for certain styles in particular, but you can usually tell from looking at fonts if they’ll fit the style you’re going for.


Font duos do help me a ton, it makes it easier to pair. What are some of your faves?

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