Christmas Spirit

Hello all,

Hope you’re all doing ok :slight_smile:
Anyone else already getting into the Christmas Spirit due to designing Christmas products/crafts?
I think I’m driving my husband mad with all the Christmas jingles I keep singing haha



Hello there!

I can’t say I’m in the Christmas spirit quite yet, however my little 3 year old daughter lovessss going around the house singing Jingle Bells. :joy:

I’m usually the first to complain about shops getting their Christmas stuff in too soon haha but I thought I’d be organised this year and get my winter designs done now, what I didn’t bank on was it putting me in the festive mood so early :laughing:
aww bless her :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Haha, I have to start designing more! I need to add more to my shop for sure! :smiley:

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I’m not there just yet, but I stinkin’ love Christmas! It won’t be long though and I’ll be getting there though… Lol

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I’m in there with you. I made this today. :joy:

This looks so good

I am still in the fall/thanksgiving spirit right now…but I need to start designing Christmas stuff too soon

OMG! You are thinking about christmas already!? :scream_cat:
In Brazil people starts into “christmas spirit” near October/ November :joy_cat:

Thank you.:blush:

I’m months ahead of the game! Im reopening my shop right after Thanksgiving so everything I’m making now is Christmas related!

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wow i love that :slight_smile: