Chromebook or a pad for designing?

Hello. I share my husband’s Windows laptop, but would like to get another cheaper laptop or pad for myself. I was wondering if there are any programs for designing that work on a Chromebook? I know that my Silhouette Design Studio can’t run on Chromebooks (unless this has changed?), but what about any programs for creating svgs/designs? Could I get away with a Chromebook, or a pad? I realize I would need to save files somewhere else, as what I’m looking at have little room to store on.
Thank you.

Hi 4156e4df4719873d61ac042306d7cd85. I wouldn’t recommend a Chromebook for designing. These do have very limited capabilities compared to other devices. In particular, something that would be a problem for myself is that there isn’t a way to install your own fonts without significantly changing the system settings (which isn’t recommended).
By pad, is this an iPad you are looking at?


I agree, no on the Chromebook, or those other internet appliances. they are good for surfing the web, email and streaming videos in the kitchen, but not much more than that. look at a laptop or desktop with as much RAM (the computer’s memory to run applications on open files and HDD space ( the computers ability to store those applications and files you need to open.) You’ll fill up a drive fast with designs and fonts. and 16GB or 32GB is not much space
If you’re not going to be able to go brand new look for a refurbished one and upgrade the RAM and HDD/SSD to speed it up some. I have both a laptop and desktop and if you are not traveling you can get way more desktop computer for the money. ( everyone thinks it would be great and sit in bed with your laptop but mostly it gets placed on a desk never to be moved.) I have an iPad and it is ok for designing bitmap graphics but there is a bit more workflow to get those designs from Procreate to your cutting machine in vector format.
Affinity and Adobe both have iOS apps now and the workflow might be easier that way but I haven’t tried them out. I’m not one for subscription-based software, there is plenty of good freeware or donationware for the PC WindowsOS and MacOS that you can use in a workflow for Cricut or Silhouette. Or one time suites. (Inkscape, CorelDraw, Affinity, etc)

  • Intel i5 seventh generation or newer or better i7/i9
  • AMD Ryzen 5 or better
  • 8GB RAM min 16GB is better
  • 512G SSD more is better, 1TB HDD again more is better

I have heard that Chromebooks are not a good option for designing. I bought a refurbished Dell laptop on Amazon and downloaded Inkscape for designing. I have only had it for a few months, but haven’t had any issues. I also recommend an external hard drive for storing your designs on to keep the laptop working quickly.


start a back-up regiment on day one. Cloud Storage, if you can afford it, DVDs and external HDDs you don’t want to lose all your hard work and paid fonts/designs, even if you have lifetime downloads.


I agree wholeheartedly with this!! Get into the habit as soon as you get your device.

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I have only just begun looking at pads. I am open to suggestions. Is an Ipad preferred?

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Wow. Thank you for the thorough information. :star_struck:

Thank you all very much! I have some great information to investigate now.

f273ff60c622c721ef993c8f8e6c3406 they are very popular although I couldn’t really give a recommendation because I don’t have one myself. They do look good though

My total drool worthy can’t afford it vote would be the Wacom all in one tablets. I forget what they are called. Not the Intuous, but the one that is an actual windows computer and a write on the screen graphics tablet. I tested one at a store once and it was pure perfection!

My budget friendly selection was the Huion Kamvas Pro 19 and I hook it up to my iMac. It would work just fine on a laptop as well. I agree iwth others ot skip the Chromebook, they just don’t have the processing power.

I also use my iPad Pro a ton, probably as much as I use my desktop. The Procreate app is great and the Adobe apps are acceptable.

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Also whatever you get add on an external hard drive or cloud storage or both to keep all your files safe as mentioned above.

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I love my iPad pro, procreate and apple pencil work brilliantly together.
Really has upped my creativity and skill level.
I used 10.5 inch screen, there is some days I wish I had 12 inches, but I love the portability factor with 10.5. It’s very comfortable on my lap.

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I have a Chromebook and it isn’t the best for designing, but I haven’t got much in the way of software on it yet. I’d go for the ipad.

I mainly got the Chromebook so I could go out and work at the library, but it’s not really something I’m going to do right now.

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Also with the iPad you can get a bluetooth keyboard to make it as useful as a laptop. I got mine on Amazon for under $25 (0800fb33b886f3e5b5d2be11048f2426).

I also really like the paperlike screen protector. It makes writing with the Apple Pencil feel more natural. (f5a5c0dac5b0dab9fa86bfdfecbc5fe5)

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