Clarification for digital products using DB assets?

I’m still a bit unsure about what the license permits regarding making digital designs. Specifically, I wanted to make printables to sell on Etsy, where the customer would receive a non-customizable PDF file for personal use. Clipart from DB would not be the main design- for example, if I made a printable calendar, I might put a few sprigs of greenery around the months, or a floral frame around the year, or similar accents. The layouts of the months and dates etc. would be my own. Would this be acceptable?

Hi 7fc4fbfe70bce6c6f322814b8d03ea1d,

Great question! Since you would be reselling them as a digital file (and not printing the calendars by yourself) then you would need to follow the aec1f7527864e9249b7830f2b9f8f433.

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Thank you. That’s good, because I have to follow those guidelines anyway when I do Zazzle (which is my main site). I just wasn’t sure if DB allowed digital sales or not.

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Thank you for clarifying, I sometimes sell digital products on etsy also, though usually in pdf form

I also do Zazzle but that is not my main site. Its always good to know the fellow designers

Lots to learn the link to the transformative work guidelines was really helpful thank you