Classes offered in Texas -- Down & Dirty Designing

Down & Dirty Designing is a specialized class that is very hands on with me. I only take 10 people at a time and I teach it once a quarter. You get to put your hands on all my equipment to help you learn the business better.
I have ZSK Embroidery Machines, ColDesi M2 DTG, PolyPrint DTG, Roland SG, Sawgrass Sublimation Printer, Post sewing machine, merrow machine, banner sewing machine… I want you to success and have all the tools you need.

Software we go over… Signlab, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Rip Programs for Printers, Wilcom E4, Hatch, and ZSK IDS program… Touch the programs to see what you like… - That’s the page and we do have a group that is listed on that page.

I do live videos all the time (try to do one every night) — I want you to learn and give me ideas to try.

I don’t mind breaking a needle or printing a sticker if it helps you succeed…