Confused About POD Licensing for Fonts

I’m confused about the definition of “as-is” in reference to fonts and print on demand.

I’ve downloaded the Nostalgia Script font which comes with a free premium license, but no POD add-on seems to be available for this font. I want to create a few png files of words using this font and upload them to use on designs I create and sell on e46ff84dd6ec2c4eacc152d7f461ae8c. For example, I want to create a file of the word “wedding” (or “we do” or “save the date” or other similar phrases.) The words would not be editable by the end user on Zazzle, they would be used as a part of a wedding invitation or other similar item. Is this use allowed?

I read another post on this topic which said that it was OK to use words created from a font as long as they were “flattened,” but I don’t really understand what is meant by that, and/or if “flattened” words can be used without the POD add-on license. Does “flatten” just mean that the words are not editable by the customer, or does it mean that the words and the artwork are all saved together in one file?

Could someone please clarify whether the license for this font would allow me to use it in the way I have described or not?

Hello Cat!

Welcome to the forum, we’re happy to have you here!

When it comes to fonts, many licenses allow you to use them to create a new product. As long as you are not using the entire alphabet in one file, and the file is saved as a PNG or JPG or other file type that the font cannot be edited you are okay to use it! :slight_smile:

Font Bundles fonts all come with a Commercial Use License (Premium License). You do not need POD when it comes to fonts since it would be very unlikely that you would be using the entire font, especially because it is usually against basic licenses.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!