Connect the Dots (numbers) in Illustrator

We will use a couple of “Scripts”, the first one is “Dup At Selected Anchors.js” by Hiroyuki Sato from and “NumberObjects.js” used in another tutorial (Installing Scripts in Illustrator). We are also using a vectorized image downloaded from (

1 - In Illustrator open the vectorized image you want to use in your “Artwork”.

2 - You may need to fix it a bit. We had to “Swap Fill and Stroke” (Shift + X) to make the “Stroke” black and “No Fill”.

3 - Use the “Direct Selection Tool” (A) to select everything and check where the “Anchor Points” are placed.

4 - If you think that you need more or less of them use the “Add” or “Delete Anchor Point Tools” to do it.

5 - Download the “Script” or “Scripts” you want to install. They should be like text files with a “.js” or “.jsx” extension (Javascript or Applescript files). In some cases, you may need to “Un-Zip” the file. You can follow the instructions in this tutorial (Installing Scripts in Illustrator). We are going to use the “Dup At Selected Anchors” script first.

6 - With the “Rectangle Tool” (M) create a small “Square” (1 x 1 mm), fill it with Black.

7 - Use the “Direct Selection Tool” (A) to select all the “Anchor Points” including the small “Square”.

8 - Go to File > Scripts > Other Scripts and navigate to the script location to open it. If you installed the script following the other tutorial, it should appear in the list. After running the script, you should end with “Small squares” on top of each “Anchor Point” of the selected shape.

9 - Select only the “Squares” (Shift key). You can check it by clicking the small arrow on the left side of the Layer in the “Layers Panel” to show its contents.

10 - Now, run the “NumberObjects.js” script from the “Installing Scripts Tutorial” to assign a number to each “Square”.

11 - You may need to reposition some of the numbers to tidy up your “Artwork”. Check it out!

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Is there somewhere I can download the “numberobjects.js” file?