Could someone help me im super confused about the licenses

So I’ve read a lot about the explanations of the licensing but still don’t understand. So I’m wanting to sell shirts and print out sublimation prints to sell… like print out the image and sell it for someone can do their own shirts. What all do I have to buy to do this? 1. Print out image and put it on a shirt to sell. 2. Print out just the image as a sublimation print, and sell the sublimation ready to use print.

The images have to be on a physical product. You cannot sell the digital image itself.


Thank you so very much!!! Im so new to this i didn’t know what print on demand meant. If it was I could print it to be ready to sell and someone could buy the printed image so they may put it on a shirt… so thank you very much for letting me know! I do have another question as it is still confusing. If I were to buy the corporate license would I then be able to create these prints to sell? It says that you could print it and someone else could do the end product?

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So actually! With the Corporate License you are allowed to sell sublimation transfers as long as you are the person creating these transfers. You would not be allowed to send the design to a third party to have transfers created.

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Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! That is exactly what I was trying to figure out!! I just bought a sublimation printer and I have bought some images but still was unclear. So with the images I have now do I have to repurchase with a corporate license? Do I have to add the pod as well or just the corporate license?

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You will need to re-purchase with the corporate license, however you can always reach out to customer support to see if they would refund the duplicate, the original without Corporate License. (It generally has to be within 30 days)