Coupons and a plus membership

I got a great time-limited coupon via email today…
I can’t use it because I’m a plus member

could we skip over these offers for plus members so we don’t go all sad panda for the day?

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Your Plus Membership does get you a discount, and discounts can’t be stacked on each other. I’m sorry for the troubles! Yes we can bring it up with the team to see if there is a way to filter Plus members out of those emails.


Too bad they can’t be stacked, but I understand why.

Oh, man would that be nice I find so many things through my plus membership. The only thing I wish we had more ways to earn plus coins. I don’t remember exactly what they are called.

Hello Jessica!
You can actually earn Plus Credits by leaving reviews on products you have purchased as well as commenting here on the forum! :smiley:

I’m still getting them in my emails…

Now if I can only get the freebie fonts and designs on a regular basis. I signed up for text messages but that is just an additional step instead of using my email which I would rather have. I do more of my posts and pins via my computer. I received my first Friday Freebie this past Friday the last one was in December 17th and before that a Wednesday craft on November 24th.

Oh, and Happy New Year Team. I hope its a good one!

Hello Joseph,
I know sometimes the emails will be in your spam or other inbox. Also, if you haven’t opened one in a while it will sometimes bounce back. I recommend writing in to Customer Support at babbbe680f959ea26193abfc3d5e71f8 and they will be happy to look to see why you aren’t receiving all of the emails!