Crafter block

i don’t know about y’all, but since i started working from home, having kids doing school at home, etc… I have major crafter block! only have a few blank things i can create on at home, and the stress of the situation (NY is extremely scary right now) is creating a major crafting block for me… am i alone??

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Hello from Portland, OR!
What do you usually make when you craft?

I’m from Salem, Oregon. I like to create all types of personalized photo gifts and upcycle furniture. What do you like to craft? 6f8826402041987bf1fec520012ad5f7

892a255005022b4e1f944f99fb89dca7 I normally work from home but I have also recently been experiencing a creative block. I’m sure due to the stress and uncertainty of everything. I’ve been trying to at least color part of a coloring page for a few minutes, to try and do something creative for the day.

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I love making leather earrings and keyrings. I’ve just started making cabochon jewelry. It’s amazing how beautiful they are.


I enjoy making t-shirts and canvases. I spend all day looking for the perfect SVG… then I’m too tired to make it lol

I know what you mean by crafters block! I have 4 kiddos and trying to homeschool then, stay sane, and still get my own work done is just overwhelming! I am sending many prayers your way! Stay healthy!

How do you guys introduce yourself? It’s telling me I need to put a user name and I can’t figure that out…

I can totally understand that with the stress and I think right now it’s ok to be a little unproductive

I have to take breaks every now and then and do something totally different like going for a walk, some quick chores, play a game for a few minutes, etc. Each time I take a break it seems to help get me back on track and in the creative groove. Having hubby home more has really played havoc with my creative work routine so I truly understand.

Make a plan to do something you don’t wanna do - like mow the lawn or organize a space. If you do it - great! Likely, though, you’ll procrastinate and try to find something else to do - then BOOM - suddenly crafters block cleared. (Works for me, atleast) :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Love this, 96b889dd3ca358c49c6548089aec9949. Like using reverse psychology on yourself. :laughing:

I have this problem too. I either go on a crafting/designing spree or I’ve got nothing for weeks.

Such a good plan! :wink:

I do this, or I get alllllll the ideas and then don’t actually make anything