Create a knock out effect in Cricut Design Space

1- log into cricut design space. Select a new project.

2- Type your text.

3- Change your font to the one you would like to use. I am using Captain Jack from

4- Adjust the space between the rows.

5- Adjust the space between the letters.

6- Ungroup your text.

7- Re adjust each row so they are even and to your needs. then group each row.

8- Once your happy select everything and weld. this will make it to one file

9- Insert your design.

10- Resize and place over your text. Once you are happy, click on slice.

11- Your text is now sliced through. We now need to remove the parts we do not need.

12- Start removing the parts that are not needed and delete.

13- You will find there are several sections to remove.

14-Your knock out design is now finished.

15- When you go to cut it you will see that there are 2 sections. The outside.

16- and the knockout section.