Cricut Design Space help needed! File Upload ERROR!

Hi there Creatives! :wave::grinning:

I have a product that I’ve made for Photoshop users. A wedding invitation bundle. I had requests to make it usable for Cricut users. I’ve done this and it worked for more than a year.

A few days ago I gave it to a test to a designer and she was unable to load them into Design Space. :worried:

She received the error “The uploaded SVG contained the following items that are not supported: Text elements. Non embedded Image elements. Import anyway?”

When she clicked yes, it uploaded a blank page.

I am not sure what that message means, I have never encountered that. (As a side note, she was able to preview the SVG image in her Google Drive.):thinking:

Can anyone tell me what can I do to resolve this issue?

Thank you!!:hugs:

I am happy to help!

It sounds like you haven’t converted the text into curves. :slight_smile: Also make sure the file isn’t too large as Design Space will have trouble loading it.

When she loaded anyway and it came up blank did she see the preview of the layers in the right menu on the side in Design Space?

Also if you want to try it out as well Design Space is free to download and use :slight_smile:

Thank you @Kalie! :grinning:

@AugustFire was the one who helped me test the files, and she told me that the layers are not visible when loading the files.

When I’ve made the product I had the Design Space installed and it worked.

Now, I thought that the problem might be because I don’t have a cutting machine. :upside_down_face:

I didn’t convert the text into curves because I want it to be editable.

For you as a Cricut user is it ok to have the text non-editable?
And how would it be possible to make the file size smaller?

Thank you! :hugs:

The text you used in your design, did @AugustFire have it also installed on their device before opening Design Space?

@Kalie I do not believe I had them installed on my laptop

@Kalie I’ve reinstalled DS. I already have the fonts installed on my computer. This is what I get when trying to upload the files:

I know that Photoshop automatically embeds the images and text. How can I convert them properly?

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This is the SVG file? If so would you be able to contact us at support? We can take a look at the file for you to see what may be going wrong here :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the SVG file.
I don’t feel comfortable bothering the DB team with this. :pensive:


Know that you are never a bother and if there is anything we can help with we are here to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

If you feel more comfortable you can message the file to me through here and I will take a look for you.

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Thank you very much! :hugs:

I’ve sent you a PM. :grinning:

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