Cricut EasyPress

I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews about this and have been wondering if getting one is a good idea…thoughts?

There are pros and cons.

  • They’re more portable than standard heat presses
  • They don’t take up as much room (either to use or to store) as a standard heat press
  • They’re cheaper than many standard heat presses
  • They don’t require any special power connections
  • They can be used in conjunction with, or instead of, a dry traditional iron in a number of applications (especially the EasyPress Mini)


  • They rely, at least to some degree, on the pressure you put on them
  • For sublimation, you have to be careful you don’t move the heat element while sublimating, and you set it down and lfit it up straight to prevent smudging
  • They may not get as hot, or apply as much pressure, as traditional heat presses.

FWIW, I have both the original EasyPress (which tops out at 365F) and the EasyPress MiThey fit my needs, at least for now.

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Thank you so much tmana! I have ordered my new 9x9 friend and I am so excited :partying_face: