Cricut Everyday Iron-On Lifting - Any Tips?

Hi Crafty Cricut Friends-

Wondering if any of you have some tips and tricks when using Everyday Iron-on with your Easy Press 2? I follow the instructions provided by Cricut on their website to the T, but every. single. time., my design lifts when I remove the carrier sheet.

What I’ve done that seems to work lately: I use medium, firm pressure with my Easy Press (the instructions say light @ 315 degrees for 30 seconds).

After a cool removal of the carrier sheet (pressing both front and back as instructions say to do), I flip the carrier sheet over, so the sticky side is face up, flip the design over and then heat again (this is the 3rd time) on the backside for another 15 seconds.

Is it just me or are the instructions on the Easy Press not working for others as well?

Sometimes it’s an issue because the vinyl is old (this can happen with craft-store vinyl since some colors hang around long enough to get light damage); also, the Easy Press mat is soft, so sometimes the adhesive doesn’t stick unless you apply heavy pressure.

The other thing is to remove the carrier sheet from a corner, peeling it back at a very sharp angle (small turn radius). That will often help the corners to not stick to the carrier. (That said, if they’re still being very stubborn, you might need to use a teeny bit of Heat’n’Bond and another application of heat to force them to stick.)