Cricut Issues

If anybody has any issues with their cricut joy cricut maker or cricut explore air 2! I will be happy to help I have 2.5 years of experience feel free to ask questions!


good morning. so I just went and bought new makes and blades and I am using cricut, expressions and orcalse vinyl and I have adjusted my pressure and it keeps cutting through to the mat. any ideas on a solution for this… thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Hello!I do not have a cricut expression but I suggest doing small cuts and keep on testing the pressure but start doing less pressure for each cut until you get a good one!

lol sorry I am using the make and using expressions vinyl sorry not enough coffee :slight_smile:

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Lol ok your using the maker so what I do for Oracle vinyl is premium vinyl setting!

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yes the maker
expressions 51 - vinyl which I have reduced down to 95 and have a specific mat for now

however all 3 have been cutting through even with a new mat and new blade…

okay now I don’t look like a early morning drinker when I am typing I have re-read it this time - ugg
thanks I will try that… setting and see what happens

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Ok let me know!

will do

I’m wondering if you can help me. I tried for the first time to cut out a mandala but it lifted while cutting. I’m not sure if it’s the settings or my blade, they vinyl or mat…not sure where to start.

okay are you using a maker… I have been gauging this all day… let me know and I maybe able to assist…

@Leesa_M, I’m using the explore air 2

I noticed that after the last CDS update the cutting pressure was off. It was cutting all the way through my vinyl. So I started using less pressure and it cuts like it should. I think maybe they did something in the last update that screwed up the amount of pressure applied.


Is something stuck on your blade? Remove it and take a ball of aluminum foil and stab the blade into the ball (carefully) a few times, it’ll remove any residue on it. Also try different settings for the material, either less pressure or a different material setting all together. Intricate cuts in small designs can easily get caught up on the blade and cause it to rip/lift.


Yes you should definitely try this @Jen_Y1 I think it would work!


I always recommend cutting intricate designs on a larger scale using the Custom – Washi Tape setting. And, as mentioned above, be sure there is nothing stuck to your blade and that your mat is holding the material in place well.
I hope this helps!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank You for offering your expertise @Gabriel
Very kind :grin:

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Thanks for the suggestions @Heather & @HarborGraceDesigns. I’ll give those a try and see how I make out.


You’re very welcome hope it helped!


Wondering what brands of transfer tape everyone uses for Glitter adhesive vinyl?

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I have used Duck Brand!
Its OK!