Curio Engraving on Tags suggestions

Hi everyone

So I’ve been engraving on Military Dog Tags, mostly for military veterans who wanted their details on a dog tag. But I have also played around with designs that came out pretty great.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what would be popular or what you may be interested in having on a military dog tag.

I’m posting a photo of one of the purchased designs which I engraved with my Curio on a Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag. I have a weird sense of humour

<svg class="fa d-icon d-icon-far-image svg-icon" aria-hidden="true">93872762_10158037911863449_3879880190268014592_o960×960 136 KB

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Birth stat templates for Mother’s Day or baby gifts comes to mind for me or I know it is cliche but what about BFF (Best Friends) designs :slight_smile:


Those are very good ideas, and ones I did not think of lol thank you. Will def give it a try.

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This is so cool! I haven’t tried to engrave yet it looks fun

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That’s awesome!!! I’ve seen this quote that say “I’m a nurse, What’s your superpower” I don’t know if you like that idea, but it seems popular!


It opens a world of possibilities :-D. I’ve done one that says My blood type is coffee, since I’m coffee mad lol.

That’s a lovely idea, I’ve been thinking too much in the box lol. Thank you!

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Thats a great saying haha!

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Loved this Idea! Now I’m thinking about make one for my cats…

Such a great etch what settings do you use ? Mine aren’t coming out so good.

Love the military theme!

How about for Valentine’s Day…
“If found, return to …”
“My heart belongs to …”
I love this! I didn’t know you could engrave on a Silhouette. :wink: