Customizable bundles

I’ve downloaded the png and psd files for the customizable bundle I purchased but the png files import huge with boundary boxes and the psd files open in sketch as one design with all the layers on top of each other. Help!

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Hi @Michele_P1 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What program are you importing the files into? PSD files typically do have layers – this is so you only have to open the one PSD file and turn on and off the layers you don’t want to use.

Are you using the Build a Bundle product by any chance? We do have a tutorial on this: Build a Bundle in Design Space

But if you are using the PSD file you can open that right in Photoshop. Hope that helps! :smiley:

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Hello Michele!
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Thank you for responding! I am using Corel draw 17 and Zi got it to work in png format but a lot of saving and resizing

@Michele_P1 Oh yeah – the PNG versions will be a lot more time consuming than the PSD file. But it’s great that they are available for those without Photoshop (or a program that allows PSD files)! Let us know if you have any further troubles!