Cut line issues

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same cutting issue as I am with my Silhouette 4.

If I set up my traced cut lines and they’re right first try, everything cuts accurately.
Anytime I move the images or cut lines around the page, my document will print where it is meant to be, but the cut lines get weird. If I have 10 small identical images on a page, the first top left will cut perfectly, but as the page goes down, it gradually becomes misaligned. It only happens if I’ve moved things around on the page. If I open up a new document and copy everything across and print (without moving on the page) it cuts fine.

It’s really bizarre but it’s driving me insane and wasting a lot of paper/ink. It doesn’t matter if I use the cutting mat or not.

I’ve tried all the standard trouble shooting options - calibrated and measured the test cuts, restarted the machine, the software and my computer. It keeps happening. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

I would contact Silhouette on this because it sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed in future software release…

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Thanks. That was going to be my next plan of attack if it doesn’t stop and no-one else had a simple fix.

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