Cut Lines on Stickers

I am having MAJOR issues over here. I used to be able to make sticker designs in PROCREATE/export as PNG and load into my Cricut design space with zero issues. now when I load the file (see picture) this is what happens, EVERY TIME. does not matter if it’s a text, handwritten, a picture, nothing seems to work. I have asked, YouTube, researched, and followed every step by step on how to make stickers for hours. I am still having the same problem. I have forced launch/loaded Cricut design / it’s completely updated. What am I missing?! Someone-please help.

Hi @Loni_B1 welcome to the Forum. :smiley:

To confirm, when exporting as a PNG from Procreate are you turning the background layer off to make it transparent?

A follow up question, is the layer set to Print then Cut?

Hi, yes, I turned off background, then I export as PNG. From there I import to cricut. The strangest thing is when doing this from my computer, cricut shows all those crazy cut lines when I go “print to cut”, However, I tested my iPad cricut app and that does not happen. So I do not know what’s wrong with my cricut design on my computer.

Is the issue that you’re not trying to cut around the internal and external outlines of the word? You might add an underlayer and Flatten the image to the underlayer…