Cutting Felt

Can felt be cut with Cricut Explore Air 2? Some say no, some say yes and I am now confused… have somebody tried it and do you have any tips?


That’s a good question. I wish I had some here to do a test. I have an Air 2, but zero felt…

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I do have felt but no supplies for cutting fabric and I am not sure what to purchase - mat, knives, etc :thinking:

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I have cut adhesive felt (but not regular felt) with an Air, but note that the knife sometimes drags.


  1. Set your dial to “Custom” and select your material from the “Make It” screen after you’ve connected to your Air 2.
  2. There are two or three default felt settings:
    "Felt, Wool Bonded" (pressure 331, cut 2x, fine point blade) and
    "Felt, Wool Fabric" (pressure 328, cut 5x, fine point blade).
    I use a “Craft Felt” setting (not sure if it’s preloaded or my custom): pressure 300, cut 3x, fine point blade.

I’m pretty sure I used a standard grip mat the last time I cut felt, and used painter tape to make sure it didn’t move on the mat.

Start there, and edit your custom settings as your device and computer require.


Thank you very much for your setting suggestions. This is very helpful :heart::ok_hand:t2:

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I understand that felt will not cut very good on that machine. I reciently went from the air to the maker and I am even aftaid to cut felt on the Maker (newbies fears)

On the Maker, I’d use the rotary cutter and the fabric grip mat.

thankyou for the info I am now going to try the felt since some one has used it with success

The Makers Gotta Learn crew recently posted a video on how to cut felt on the Explore Air.
Unfortunately, they conclude you need to use Cricut’s own felt products :unamused:

You’ll want to skip from about 2:00 (when she stops designing) to 11:30 (when she starts selecting materials and selects “bonded felt”) and viewi through to 15:20 (when she finishes her first cuts)

I have cut felt with my Cricut Air. I will say now that I have a Maker it’s way easier! With the explore you have to get heat and bond and iron it on - it needs a stabilizer. Then you use the deep cut blade and set your dial to custom and choose felt with backing as your material.

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