Cutting problem

Hello from UK. This is my first post. My Explore 2 will not cut a file. I have tried every combination of blades materials and mats but just end up with a mangled mash. Can anyone help please?!

Hi 82830e14fa2404e9cef7d2ecdbc75fc6! Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: I’m sorry for the troubles!

Can you let us know what settings you are using? Is that vinyl or cardstock that you are trying to cut?

I am using cardstock and have tried all settings and all mats. I really want to use this file for Christmas cards.

I don’t have an explore 2. I use Cameo, bit had a problem like this once. Maybe the explore has the same thing? My Cameo has a strip of rubber or whatever that the blade cuts above. The paper/cardstock goes between both. That strip started to come off and I didn’t notice after months and months of using it a lot. I replaced that strip and my cardstock started to come out beautifully.

Also with a magnifying glass check the tip of your blade. If it’s been accidently chipped even a little you will have this happen.

I hope you’re able to get it resolved.

Thanks for this. I have cleaned the blade with scrunched tinfoil. It’s just so frustrating as I have wasted so much various card stock and really wanted this design for my Christmas card for children with learning disabilities.

The regular cardstock settings usually work great for me. Maybe you could try using the washi setting and cut 2x?

How big is the design?

The design is 5.5 ins. I have tried all settings and it is still mangled and I have also replaced the blade. I will keep on trying.

There isn’t a Washi setting on my machine

I’ve had similar issues when cutting intricate designs. I’m not sure it’s the blade (done the blade replacement thing as well). I suspect two possible underlying causes (1) mat is either too sticky or not sticky enough; (2) blade can’t turn sharp angles quickly enough (or accurately enough). I haven’t tried it, but wonder if the issue might be resolved by breaking up the cuts and moving them up and down through Design Space’s layers so they’re not being cut continuously…