Design Space for iPad Pro

I’m having issues with the Design Space app crashing on a 12.9” iPad Pro. It occurs when I have a lot of slices on a shape. It is often preceded by a big slow down in the app. It sometimes crashes during a save to the cloud or iPad. Seems to be a bug or ?

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Hi 45cbe3aad0d681763317a9c2ece9d6ee. Welcome to the community! :smile:

I don’t have an iPad myself, but hopefully someone will have an answer for you.


Last night I read this question in my head, then turned to my husband and I was going to see if he knew the answer… then I realized that it’s my husband who asked the question here :rofl:

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I don’t have an ipad, but it could be a lack of space thing. You need approximately 15% of a hard drive free in order for things to run as they should. If it’s getting too full, it could be causing the problem.

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Yes, I agree that’s typically the issue. In our case, it’s not. He just looked and he’s only using 5% of the iPad’s storage. He has a 500GB iPad Pro.

The app runs slow and crashes when I’m working with a shape that has many slices (24) and I’m adding another 12. I get things lined up, ready to go and around the fourth or fifth slice, the app crashes. I’ve tried to delete the slices, leave them alone, group them elsewhere on the canvas, still crashes the app.

Have you tried deleting the app and re-installing it to see if this corrects the issue? I know it works for me at times when apps are crashing on me :slight_smile:


Thanks Kalie, I’ll give that a try.


My app will suddenly shut down for itself every time i click Make it. And for the love one me i haven’t figure it out what’s wrong with it :frowning:

If you have an apple IOS device ( iPad, iPhone) and it’s given you trouble after your update I would remove the app and reinstall the app. That is the first thing we would tell you to do.