Designer and also a Customer

Hi, everyone. I had a suggestion. It’s something that been on my mind lately as I’m in the process of redownloading a lot of past purchases I lost when my external HD went out. Would it be possible for those of you who offer bundles to not name your multiple zip files (if applicable) or For me personally, it causes me to take a few extra steps before accepting the download. I have to create an additional folder that’s in my Font folder or Mock Pup folder with the product name so I can’t keep them organized. I know it seems really simple, but perhaps you have a reason why you name them 1 2 3 or …? That I’m unsure of.

I tried to look at it as a customer would. It would make the entire download process faster if they’ve purchased multiple products.



I love when Designers use names to name their files and not File1, File 2, Zip 1, Zip 2. It makes organizing everything so easy!


I often review items as so, I don’t often call out poor naming but do suggest they name their files. Making a thumbnail key for them is nice too!


I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily “calling out” file naming. It was only a suggestion as it would make things easier for customers as well as designers who make purchases. Maybe it’s just my OCD acting up. lol Thanks for your comment.

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Me too!!! Makes things sooo much easier! Thanks for your comment.

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I don’t like when I find a folder with names like File 1, File 2, zip 1, zip 2 either! Is it possible to rename the file without damaging it?


Yes! You can re-name the files! :slight_smile:

Re-naming the files will not do anything to the file itself. :slight_smile:

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