Designing Mockups

I have only just come across Mockups in the past few days, on the fontbundles site & I love the idea, however many of the designs seem very cluttered to me & some also a little odd, like tshirts that have shoes placed along side of them, I just wanted to point this out to, Anyone thinking about designing them in the future, I would love to purchase many, however I would like them to be simple & clean & showcase the single product, more like how I would normally take a stock photo.


Hi @K_R1! Welcome to the Forum! I can understand wanting simple mock-ups. Are you wanting them as flat lays or shown on real people? I have always loved the mock-ups offered by Freeman Studio

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Thanks for sharing your feedback - very helpful! :+1:t3:

There are many that are simple and do only have t shirts or cup and no other things like shoes. Let me see if I can find some examples for you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your ideas. I just started this year with my Mockup shop so all the feedback is more then welcome.
I am curious about which products/object you (and other designers) want to see in mockups? Are there any kind of mockups you really mis now? Or is it just the simple & clean styling?

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I have purchased from a few shops, check out this shop - she can also takes requests and the photo quality is amazing.

@K_R1 here are some of my favorite mockup designers –

Southern Market Designs
Mae Middleton
Lock and Page

They have a ton of mockups and all of their own styles. I don’t think they are cluttered.

Also, the whole shoes thing next to the shirts I think is to just showcase an outfit choice.