Designing own cards for Cricut Joy

Hi everyone! I recently bought the Cricut Joy expressly for card making. I want to make my own designs but am stuck centring the designs in proportion of the card dimensions. Any tips would be appreciated!

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Hey there a quick question before we start do y iui u happen to have cricut access?

If you have the card mat that shows you the 3 sizes you can fit onto it. (Or the max size IYKWIM).

Make a rectangle in that size to be your ‘front’ of card, attach, slice or draw what you want on it and don’t forget the corner slots if you are doing an insert card, it’s all in DS. Make sure all is attached to each other. But delete the rectangle before you make it or it will cut the join of your slotted in card.
Helps to do a trial run just drawing the cuts or something on some folded paper, so you can decide where on the ‘make it’ screen mat to pop it but its not far off usually


No, I don’t.

I hope @Sharon_M1helped!

You can message Tiffany @ocvintagecharm on IG and she will have a fix for you! She’s a Cricut Master and always has great tips and tricks! She just made Easter cards a few days ago.