DesignScape Mockups

Hi Everyone,
I am new trying to use DesignScape with the 3 sided skinny Tumbler. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Crafting!

Hi 2a89c1f2ee88756af6405fea22bde4ad welcome to the forum!

We actually have a video showing how to use the skinny tumbler mockups – ef88f81eb808a27a10c528c3a5540489

We have another video here: d64febd674f17425f0b849202f1b6bcc :slight_smile:

My design scape screen does not look like Becki’s in her video. I don’t get the page where it is divided into 3 sections to drag your design into. My screen has a whole bunch more options than what her’s show. This is what my screen looks like after I open the skinny tumbler psd.

And when I double click on the center design area like Becki did this pops up. Again not like hers.

Hers on the video goes directly to this screen. What am I doing wrong?