DesignScape Overview - The Alternative to Photoshop/Illustrator

In this video Michael shows you how to use DesignScape. The software is browser based and free with your Design Bundles Gold Plus Membership and is an alternative to Photoshop / Illustrator.

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Thank you so much for this video! I was really overwhelmed by DesignScape but I feel a lot better about having go at it now.

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3298e04a109f2293c757b8f3002402e0 I’m happy this video helped! If you have any questions at all, please let me know! I’m happy to make any tutorials for you if needed :slight_smile:

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This video gives me something to try… My son is a paranormal investigator and asked me to use my cricut to make him some iron ons for his shirts and jackets, but I have no understanding on how to design graphics to make what he wants.

The overview was very informative but I am wondering if DesignScape will work with an IPad and Apple Pencil?


1a4cb75a7a216b5d391fc5b13f694dab I’ve not yet used it on iPad. It’s an internet based program so it should work on iPad, however it may be better on Desktop. I know we’ve had a couple other people use iPad with it, so I should probably test it out to confirm!! :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate that. Please leave an update if you do try it with the iPad. If it helps any I have the iPad Air 4th gen with the Apple Pencil 2nd generation.