DesignScape PNG to SVG

Can I convert a PNG that I’ve already made into an SVG file?

You can trace it in Illustrator and save it as SVG file.

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I don’t see a trace feature in the web-app. it would be changing from one format bitmap to another vector. I think besides the Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer (all paid software), and Inkscape (free to use) have a trace feature, I think there are web-based converters also. I have not used them. Many designers build-in vector format to allow scalability without losing details. You can tell when people have traced a flattened design it often doesn’t cut well or at all.


i trace as a path in inkscape and then save as a svg

I did that using image trace in illustrator, but some customers were having trouble with it. Then I used a site called as convertico and converted PNG into SVG