Did You Know There Is A Google App?

Did you know that there is a Google App? This app is different than Google Chrome or Safari.

Below are the three apps:
Google Search App
Google Chrome Web Browser
Safari Web Browser

What happens when you open the Google Search App instead of Google Chrome or Safari?
I’ll show you!

When you click the google search app it will look like this:
This app is designed to search.

Then when you go to designbundles.net the page will look like this -

You will be able to access your complete account, including your downloads.

However, you will not be able to download your files. When you try to click download a white screen will pop up and you will not be able to proceed with the download.

If this happens to you, no worries! Simply exit the app and click on Google Chrome or Safari and you will then be able to go access your files here when you are logged into your account.