Digital Paper packs

What are the digital paper packs used for?

I make mini scrapbooks, that’s what I use mine for.

Hi hi
From what I have figured out you can print them and like Karen_R said use them in scrapbooks.
I also found out you can load into Design Space as a pattern…I’m guessing to see what a print and cut design would look like when finished.
I’m TOTALLY confused also honestly and hope someone will come along and help us both

You can use digital packs for many things such as digital scrapbooking, printing out at home for physical scrapbooking, making print then cut projects, overlaying the pattern with text, etc. :slight_smile:

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Hi a6a4d918efee4fedfd0921e04426e912, they can also be used for the backgrounds in creating invitations, tags, signs and handmade cards. Ask yourself what would you use physical scrapbook paper for and you might get even more ideas. :slightly_smiling_face: