Digital papers

How do you use digital papers in design space

Hi Rhonda!
You can actually use digital papers to fill in different designs. If you have an SVG file that is uploaded, you can ungroup it and use the “print and cut” feature underfill - pattern. I am attached a few screenshots so you can see what I mean. It’s a rather simple process and DB has a few different digital papers that you can use within the Cricut design space.

Upload and insert your SVG file - choose svg upload or pick one from your library

Upload your digital paper - choose “pattern fill”

Select your layer

Change from basic cut to print and cut here

From there you will want to select your color tool and change it from color to pattern.

Once you select your pattern from the earlier step, you can then edit the pattern and make any adjustments needed to fill it the way that you want :slight_smile:

Once you have your project to this step, you can then turn around and create an offset using the offset tool and make stickers or just turn it into a print and cut HTV image.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, just let me know.


Love that! Thank you for sharing 06625bc3fa84821f3e7dc987c7f834f6 :heart:

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Great step-by-step instructions. Thanks 770ef749894efb9754e8a0e17f6dcd04!

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I need help using text on my digital background. Every time I put it in to cut, it cuts the design on my background. I just want it to cut it out around the outside edge.

Is there any way that you could show us the process that you are going through up until this point? What does your layers panel look like? Off the top of my head, it sounds like you need to try to “flatten” the design which will turn it into one piece but I won’t know until I see the process.

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Thank you VERY much for that Ashley, I was wondering how that was done. I have lots to learn :slight_smile:

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