Disney Character svg

Where can you get the Disney Character svg’s with a license to sell a product you make? I made ice pop koozies for my little ones and my grandson as gifts, but I’ve had people wanting them with Disney characters to buy. I want to make sure I’m covered with the license if I’m going to sell them. Can someone help me?

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Hello Sonya!
In order to use Disney’s Characters you would need to contact Disney to purchase a commercial use license through them! :slight_smile:


Speaking as one who does or did work for them, keep in mind that they are VERY protective of the use of their images and names. They have to approve everything before it goes out, and they watch like a hawk.
Way too many people have had to find out the hard way (read: being sued) because they tried to skirt the legal process. With images like Mickey flipping people off, or other characters (seemingly) having coitus it’s no wonder they want to protect their investments.


Definitely a No-No. People on Etsy sell this stuff, but Disney shuts them down just as fast. It’s not worth it.