Do not have permission

Hello, I recently purchased a design bundle. When I try to download the file to my iPad I get a “do not have permission to view this file” notification. What am I doing wrong.

Hello Lara, welcome to the community!

It looks like this could be appearing because it is a Zip Folder. You will need to extract the files before you can use them.

If you have the latest update on your iPad this tutorial will help you – Unzipping file on your iPad without a 3rd party app!

If you do not have the latest update on your iPad this tutorial should help you – What apps should I use when downloading zip files or fonts to my iPad?

Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance! :slight_smile:

Hi, I followed the tutorial but I still get that the file couldn’t be opened because I don’t have permission. Very confused. I was able to download and unzip one part of the 3 part bundle before I started getting this notification.

Hi @Lara_L - Can you contact us here
Be sure to message us from your account email. We would love to help you further.