Does anyone follow the Designbundle chat?

Does anyone follow the Designbundle’s chat? Does anyone follow up on this feature?

I know a few designers use it.

PS where is the dark mode/theme​:waning_crescent_moon: on the forum that the bot​:robot: said something about? I like a dark theme it saves my eyes…:eyes:

HI Joseph - I do use it to answer customer requests. I love when I get to hear from my customers :smiley:

I’ve found that there is an option to toggle between light and dark mode, but we need to have one of our Admin activate that option for users. I have put in a request to see if we can have that done :smiley:

I’ll let you know when I hear back.

that’s good to hear, I’ve had a couple in but it looks like they were overlooked. The designers usually get back to me pretty quick. I try to use it to resolve questions, errors, and problems first.

Good to hear, that bot suggested it so I figured if he was suggesting it it was there somewhere.

Have a good one!

I’ve had our Admin look at this, and it looks like the article I found regarding how to enable it may have been out dated. For some reason, due to the way the themes are built, there isn’t a way for us to turn them on currently.

I’m so sorry - I’m not sure why it has recommended you do this? I have checked my preferences, and do not see an option :confused:

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I use DB chat, but only when a customer uses it to get in touch with me. :slight_smile:

oh well, maybe sometime in the future.

Better have @craftbot adjust his script…

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @craftbot display help.

yeah, I use it often.

I have had a designer get back to me quickly, and others not at all.

Designers should be responding and most will. If you ever have an issue/question and can’t get a hold of the designer you can contact us in support as well :slight_smile:

I use the Designbundle chat to see what’s new and up with designers. I am new to using the files. I mainly use a Cricut and mixed media type projects.

Yes, I reply to all customers that have questions. Usually it’s very minor, like overlooking the file has multiple zip files etc I help them out and we’re all happy.

I use it to answer any customer questions I get. If I can’t help them with their issue or question I message them the “contact us” link on design bundles.

Some people have msg’d me on there before to ask about products and things like that, but I haven’t really used it as a chatting place.

Thank you!

yes, I do. they have great freebies.