Does Anyone Use Instagram to Showcase Craft/Design

Wondering anyone uses IG to showcase craft/designs? I want to show case kids illustrations that I am working on and maybe do art lessons for kids live.


I have an instagram! I post my fonts and such as I release them, sneak peeks, etc.

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I have recently started doing this

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I use instagram

I post my crafts to Instagram because I didn’t want to keep posting to my persona page in case it was annoying to some of my friends and family. Lol.

I have an Instagram page for my designs (and another one for my books). I can’t say I update it often, but I have it there with products listed and a shorby link that has a list of my stores.

I do this all the time. Instagram is great for creating a following. Especially if you have coupon codes to go with it. I usually publish all new products simultaneously (i.e. the same day) on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and often Pinterest accounts.


I have an Instagram account for my nursery art. It’s not too stylish so I definitely haven’t gained a following. One day I’ll have more time.

I also have an Instagram account for my mockups. It is much more cohesive and I get great responses from followers. You will have to be consistent to see any positive results but worth it if you have time!

I showcase all my designs and design assets on IG. It works well! I’ve found some of my best clients there

Could I have your name so I can follow you :slight_smile:

Yes I put up all my designs on my Instagram and FB page!

I have just started there and not yet posted anything. It intrigues me

I use IG to showcase my designs.

I recently started using it, but didnt have added much there. Still trying to figure it out

I post a lot of design-related content on Insta. I’ve successfully a few thousand organic followers with no paid traffic. There’s something known as Instagram optimization. After all, it’s an algorithm that prioritizes content based on relevancy. A glimpse of my profile:

I’ll be happy to share my profile & some strategies with you to boost your decf7f68612878b1aebe6fba511c7467. Feel free to dm.

I use IG sporadically. I am right at that age where all this tech is starting to become a job! LOL

I have only recently started doing it