Downgrading membership

I am thinking of downgrading my membership for a few reasons, not anything wrong with the site just money is tight and i have so many amazing files right now that i need to use first. I still want to be a part of the community so was just going to go down a peg. anyway my question is if i down grade will i loose the credits i already have? thank you for your time.

Hi 69b13bcc8e6898692f93d4da05bc2709 you will not lose your credits if you downgrade. :slight_smile: This guide is for Upgrading your membership, but the same steps will be taken to Downgrade as well – e65adebb5548c6714a9eaaf79121edfb

thank you i wish i could keep it at the gold but with the times and now the changes with Design Space coming in order to use the amazing files i have now freely i will have to get the access and i just cant afford both. at least not at gold. sorry sob story over thanks for the help i love this community and its only been less then a month.

I totally understand! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cricut reverses that and doesn’t make a 20 image limit. I know so many people are upset about this!!

I wouldn’t mind if the software actually worked like it should. thanks for your help. i hope they change there minds too.

Hope I won’t have to do this, but one never knows.