Downloaded Files - Please change icon color once done

Good morning. As I sometimes buy several files / bundles and then leave them until required, I find it really difficult and time consuming to try and remember which I have downloaded before.

I would really love to see a quick and easy way to identify downloaded files and folders within bundles at a glance. Maybe changing the green “download files” icon to a different color would be a suggestion.

Also, when acquiring bundles and downloading them at a much later stage, the cover image and folders contained within what we originally saw and liked that prompted us to buy the bundle, is missing. I would like to be able to open the bundle and have each individual folder appear giving me the choice to download what I want as opposed to having to download the entire zipped folder to my pc. I hope this makes sense.

This will also then allow for quick referencing of what we have downloaded before in that the folders within bundles could then have a tick or a highlight around them to indicate that we have downloaded them in the past.

I hope this all makes sense. Thanks so much!


That sounds like a good idea, one site I buy 3D STL files from keeps track of library items I have never downloaded yet, that is the only one I can think of that does that).

I keep track of what I have downloaded by leaving a review of the files. If the review needs updating I can go back later and do so. I normally give a quick review on file formats, naming, and organization.
I click the bundle page and grab those images when downloading the ZIPs, title graphics and any font examples along with the font preview in PDF form.

I know many people don’t keep them or toss that stuff because it takes up space in their limited cloud storage account, something they will find time-consuming to remove. Many people also only keep the file formats they need and toss like the DXF files because they only use EPS or SVG (having the upgraded or business edition of software or using a dedicated vector application to design and print/cut from).

I am currently 2 months behind downloading $1 deals… I also use Everything to search my HDDs so I don’t buy dupes. I buy from all over the interwebs, multiple marketplaces, and individual designers.