Downloaded Freebies

Is there a way to find my downloads that were freebies? I can find my purchases, but I needed to check on a couple of things I downloaded as freebies and can’t find any list attached to my account.

I was looking for the same thing and I found a post the freebies aren’t tracked in your purchase history, only the ones that are added to you account if you are a Gold member.

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Hello Pam!

If you are a Plus Member you can find the free products here: 9b99d9a616cc24d8fecc3f0eb620f723 :slight_smile:

Thanks - I was afraid of that.

Were you able to locate the files?

No - someone responded that only Gold members can view their free downloads.

Hello Pam,

That is correct. If you are not a Plus Member the free products are not saved in your account.