Downloading and installing fonts to your iPhone using AnyFont

Here is a guide on installing your fonts to your iPad or iPhone

When in AnyFont if you click on the PLUS sign at the top and then it will take you to our website where you login to your account.

Next you will go to your purchase

Find your product and click on the “Download Files” button and then your file via the link that will drop down below

You will get this screen next. Press okay and then Close in the top left corner and it will bring you back to AnyFont.

Next you will click on your font folder or font in AnyFont to install it

​Tap ALLOW to install

Click on close and then go to you iPad or iPhone SETTINGS > GENERAL > PROFILES

Your fonts you installed via AnyFont will now show up here click on the font you want to install to your iPad/iPhone

Now your font is ready to use with your design program the supports the text feature.


Thank you for creating this. I have bookmarked as it will be very useful! :heart:

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Thanks so much for this post @Kalie; however is it me or are some of the photos in the wrong order? Am I to start here at the bottom of the post or the very top? I’m so confused so please bare with me!

I have downloaded so many things and I am in complete loss of how to organize once I click on the zip files as well and then it creates a folder of the scg and other files. Now that I have so many I would hate to go back and clean all those folders up. I wish there were software to help with getting those folders instantly organized without a ton of work out of me.

Welcome to the forum! :tada: You’ll want to start from the very top of the post, and then as you go down it will go in order :slight_smile:

We have a video on how to Organize SVG Files that you might find helpful!