Drawing Tablet

I’m thinking about getting a drawing tablet. I don’t have a huge budget and I’m just now learning Illustrator, but which one do y’all recommend and why? Think “serious beginner with very few artistic skills.” :laughing:


Are you looking for one like a Wacom to hook to the computer or one like an iPad with procreate?

Most likely one I can attach to a computer. I don’t find using a tablet very comfortable. And the ones I’ve seen that look like tablets are very expensive.

i recommend to go with Wacom, I started with something small like bamboo like 10 years ago, then I upgraded to intuos 5 that works great for me. More expensive it is more control you have. I recommend to go with medium size. Small is too small and large is too big. I work with wacom intuos 5 m and Photoshop, a few years ago I did more paintings then vectors and I really love it

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I would suggest either a wacom tablet to connect with illustrator on a computer, or procreate app on ipad pro with an apple pencil. I prefer the tablet version, but both work great!

I second your suggestion. Wacom, especially that @TreeTracer doesn’t find using a tablet very comfortable. I also agree with going for a Medium size Wacom. I have had both a small and medium, and the medium was nicer.

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Beautiful! You did a great job! I have a Bamboo and have never been able to get it to work correctly. The cursor jumps around and the “pressure” setting never worked. Always get the error that I need to install a stylus that supports pressure settings, even though the manual that came with the Bamboo said it did. It was always too frustrating to use so I gave up. I also don’t have your artistic talent, but I still would like to try it out now that I’m learning Illustrator.

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@Brooke_B and @NathalieLesage

I would love to have the medium but I did the measurements - not enough room on my desk for the larger one without rearranging everything. And since I’m out of work right now, can’t really afford the higher cost. Maybe if I can make something decent enough that someone would buy it, I can save up and upgrade. That said, other than size, what makes the medium one “nicer?” Are there extra features or is it just the extra space?

Thanks, y’all, for all your input.

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Large one is pretty large is for those who are used to draw with entire arm since has a bigger surface. I am used to draw from wrist so medium works exactly how I am usually drawing

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You do have some nice designs. :slight_smile:

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It depends how you like to draw. I’m happy using the small one at the moment as I design sitting in a recliner with the laptop on my lap and the Wacom on the armrest. Start with the small. Try (if it’s possible) to look for a gently used one on Ebay or Facebook market in your area. I picked up my current small one locally for half the price of a new one. It was hardly used at all :smiley:

I highly recommend ugee drawing monitor. Ive had it for over 4 years now. My husband keeps trying to get me to " “update” to surface, Ipad or some other drawing laptops but I keep saying no because I like my desktop set up most. So really it all come down if you are a desktop or laptop person, if you prefer mac or windows (my ugee works on both). Also what kind of software you want on it. (again ugee will work with all of them). Its basicly a monitor that also works as a tablet with pen. The purchase price is somewhere around 400$ which is significantly less then apple or laptop would cost you and the size of the monitor is awesome as well. Id also recommend one of the movable monitor stand arms so that you can easily tilt it into whatever position you want as its pretty heavy to carry around on the stand it comes with

Good idea! I might try that.

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@OurDesignSpace Thank you for the suggestion! I wasn’t familiar with that brand. I might look into that after I get a job, which isn’t on the horizon anytime soon. Currently I have a gaming laptop with 32 Gb RAM and a decent graphics card which could certainly handle that monitor. Right now I have a 28" monitor (bought back when I was working) and I don’t know if another monitor would fit in my workspace. I’d have to rearrange and get really creative.

Also, I’m happy with my Samsung tablet for now. Just not a fan of iPads and Apple in general. My husband and daughter both have Macs and iPhones and they’re constantly complaining about them. I do also have an older Surface computer, but it needs some major updates (like a new OS - Windows 8.0 sucks!)

I just can’t see justifying the cost of additional hardware when I’m really just beginning. My husband says, “Start small, aim tall!” And I’m not sure I have the talent that some of you awesome designers have, but I still want to give it a try. I’m a computer tech by trade so I’m very technical, not very creative. I know I have a creative person inside of me, I just don’t know how to let her out.

I was given a very old large Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and it didn’t come with a manual, I have no clue how to use the buttons on the sides - where can I get a manual for it or can someone explain them to me. I haven’t tried it yet, so not truly sure if it works. But the one I have is below

@Megan_S Try this link:

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You are awesome!! Thank you so much.

I have a oot of buttons on it but i dont really use it. I use shortcuts all the time but there are not enough buttons for what I need :slight_smile: so my left hand is on keyboard and my right hand I use it for pen or mouse. You can install drivers and some app to add custom keys for those buttons, settings that you use the most, like ctrl, alt, shortcut for brushes maybe, eraser etc. Depends for what you use it and in which program. I use it mostly with Photoshop and sometimes with Illustrator.