Duplicate products, Losing Products Order, Huge Number of PLUS Product has disappeared, No Pagination in "Favorites"


I am writing a separate post on an old topic because no one is answering the original post I wrote 4 days ago (and this means that even more PLUS products are disappearing, in the meantime, and I cannot see them to favorite them and/or purchase them). So, once again, here it is:

  1. I just noticed that AGAIN a huge number of PLUS products disappeared from the PLUS Collection!!!

Please do not do this. We need to be able to see all of them. I used to peruse every single day in order to favorite the ones I want. Unfortunately, for the first time ever, I was not able to do that for the last few weeks. NOW THEY HAVE DISAPPEARED. I HAVE LOST THEM. CAN’T FAVORITE AND PURCHASE THEM IF I DON’T SEE THEM. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT !!!

  1. Since the aforementioned change, I have noticed that ALL YOUR PLUS PRODUCTS NOW APPEAR TWICE IN THE PLUS COLLECTION !!!

  2. I go to the PLUS Collection and sort it by “Newest”. The I go to page 139 (so that I can favorite the last products, in order not to lose them). At this point, the “Order by Newest” sorting disappears. Instead, I see various products in a random order. Some of these products I have even “favorited” and/or purchased more than a year ago. I am sorry to say that the PLUS Collection has become a mess because of the latest changes applied …


Also, on another topic, nothing has been done on the issue of our “Favorites” not being paginated. WE ABSOLUTELY NEED PAGINATION ON “FAVORITES”. At the slightest problem of the Internet, when the page has to be reloaded, your system throws us back to Page 1 of our “Favorites”. For example, I am at Page 85 of my Favorites and I am trying to peruse my entire Favorites collection to be inspired and decide what I want to use. Suddenly, there is a problem with the Internet connection and/or by mistake I click on one of the items in the collection. Because iof that, your system throws me back to Page 1. How do I go back to Page 85 so I can continue where I left from ? I HAVE BEEN WRITING TO YOU (REPEATEDLY) FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS ABOUT THIS AND NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT. The standard reply I get is that “we will pass it on to our developers”. I do not want that. I want my problem to be solved. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR US. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS !!!

Thank you,



Hello 1ac08710ff6d2cb5350a0a95feb9f726 ,
My sincerest apologies I had not seen your comment on the original post.

As for Plus Products disappearing, products do sometimes get taken out of the Plus Hub due to Trademark violations or if the quality of the product is not up to Design Bundles standards. We sincerely apologize if these are the products that you are no longer seeing as we have no intention on deceiving you.

Could you send a screenshot of the products that are appearing twice in the Plus Hub? I do know that if you are looking at fonts you may be seeing the original and the web font versions.

Our developers are very busy working non-stop to fix and improve Design Bundles. I can assure you that the favorites page being paginated is on their list. I will check in with them and see where it is at on their list, I apologize for the delay and for any frustration you may have while looking through your favorites.

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your reply. Let me clarify:

  1. This is not about some Plus products that were taken down because of copyright violations or low quality graphics. I am talking about thousand of products that do not appear because somebody put a cap on the number of products/pages visible. In particular, before we could see all Plus products (= thousands of products which amounted to hundeds of pages). Now we can only see exactly 5.000 products (i.e. only 139 pages). Please refer to my previous email in order to understand the problems this creates for us

  2. This is not about the two versions of each font (Webfont etc.) included in the Plus collection. I am talking about the fact that, ever since the latest changes, ALL PLUS PRODUCT APPEAR TWICE in the Plus Collection. Please see the following printscreen where you can clearly see 3 products appearing twice on the same page:

I had also prepared a video recording where I am indicating 4 random products that appear twice (each) on two different pages. Unfortunately, it’s a Windows 10 video format which am I not allowed to attach here. If you want, I can send it to you to an email address which you will indicate (I am not sure you can see it from here: 4245ee511355d7c19a0b6584fe515ecd) Plus Products _ Design Bundles - Page 139 - Goo…](f4acc981839ae6f48327e2c7c6aff35f)

Now that I am looking at it in more detail, I realize that this is due to the pages not loading correctly. Once I “refresh” each page, the duplicates disappear. In other words, everything appears twice so, every time we proceed to another Plus page, we also have to “refresh” it once in order to get rid of the duplicates. As you can understand, this does not make any sense and it is one more side-effect of the changes effected recently to the Plus Collection pages

  1. The issue of loss or “Ordering by” when I move to another page is still there. I checked again and again, e.g.When I order the Plus Collection by “Newest” and I go to Page 132, I see products that I have “favorited” about six months ago (when, normally, when ordering by “Newest”, Page 132 should display products that were added to the Plus Collections about a week ago).

  2. Finally, on the issue of Pagination of our “Favorites”, I thank you for letting me know that it will be applied. I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know when (approximately) because it’s been more than 2 years that I am writing and pleading about this …

Again, I thank you very much for your help and I am looking forward to your update.

With Kind Regards,