Editing a PSD Wedding Invite in DesignScape

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to edit a PSD Wedding Invite in DesignScape! The f8165f9fe8e9376cd66a5a763565762b might be useful for you to watch before getting started.

This is the 1572f9f7ff78fa2fd2cccd99269b1acd. In the downloads of this product, there is a readme file that tells you where you can get the fonts. But no worries, if you want to use a different font you can do that too :slight_smile:

First, we will need to open the file in DesignScape. You can do this by hitting File > Open and then locating your file. Click open again and the PSD file will load into DesignScape.

The script font in this specific invite is 90886924f35b1d71f27c6021ba54ef3c and I did load that one into DesignScape by following ea87e1037e9a75ef1e5dc0eaf37c8d4f.

If you click T on your keyboard and then click on the names in the invite – it might say you do not have the font loaded. Your options would be to either load the font used and then type with it like this:

OR, you could click on the layer of the text you want to change and then go into the text menu and change the font. You can of course upload any fonts you’d like to change them to, but here is how you would quickly change it to one of the standard fonts. Then this way you can get your wording figured out and then load a new font if needed :slight_smile:

Once you have everything saved the way you want it, you can export it as a PNG or JPG for printing :tada:

Check out the rest of the 6cda46c3d27e4b3c2ca9871dea0a2c1f :tada:

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