Editing designs with nodes in SCAL4

*note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.

2- Create your design/text. I am using the the font Marthas vintage branding from fontbundles.net

3-Right click and ungroup your text.

4- On the left toolbar click on the edit node tool.

5- click on your first letter/part of your design. The node points will appear.

6- Click on a node. Once it turns blue you can click and drag it to change the shape of your design.

7-You have several options to adjust the nodes. if you select the second option above the canvas area you can adjust the node and at the same time curve the area between 2 nodes. It is called node to curve.

8- If you click on the 3rd option you can adjust the area between 2 nodes with little handles that appear to curve the point between the 2 nodes. This is node to smooth.

9- The last option is node to symmetric. this will adjust the node equal both sides of it.

10- You can adjust any part of your design using the adjust node options. Once you are finished you will see that your design is kept the same.

11- Apart from using the icons at the top of your canvas, you can also right click on the design then go to path - and select the node choice you would like to use.

12- Once completed you can see in your preview screen that your cut lines are as you have designed even with changing the node placements.