Editing images in Cricut design space

1- Open Cricut design space. click upload image.

2- Click on Upload image.

3- Click on browse.

4- Select the design that you want to edit. I am using Cacti with smiling post bundle from designbundles.net. Click on the complex image option, then continue.

5- Zoom in to the section of your design you want to keep and crop it as close as you can to it.

6- Using the eraser tool you can remove any extra parts of the design you do not want to keep.

7- Click preview so you can see if you have removed all the parts you do not need. When you are happy click continue.

8- Select the print and cut then save.

9- Go back to upload image and select.

10- Select your design again and click on complex image, then continue icon.

11- Crop out the parts you do not want, then select the magic wand tool.

12- Using the eraser tool, remove any excess parts of the design you do not need. Click continue.

13- Save your design as a print and cut.

14- Select both 1/2s of the design you created and insert into your design space.

15- Your images will now appear onto your design space.

16- You can rearrange the 2 halves on top of each other then they can be printed and cut separate.

17- You can also take parts from other images and mix and match to create your own designs.

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I never thought of mix and matching in design space itself, how clever! Thank you

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I’ve never even noticed the eraser button and will have to try that. I do often add images into design space and then use basic shapes to cut more details into the images (via slice) or fill in gaps I that don’t cut well (weld). :grin:

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I love doing this as well!!

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Thanks for the tutorial!

Great tutorial, thanks for the information!

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