Engraved Trace Boards

I have a Glowforge Pro-- the fastest one. I received a customer request for learning to trace the alphabet and words. Unsure which settings would be best, I tried some settings first. There’s a rumor going around that you can defocus your materials by .2" or .3" to make your engrave pop.

How to Defocus:

  1. Arrange your vectors where you’d like
  2. Auto focus your material
  3. Increase “auto focus number”. It will say ‘auto’ in the box form. My material is .125, I increased it to .325.

I did not see a huge difference other than shadows created for the defocus settings.

I chose to score my design because it is 8 minutes to score, while 45 minutes to engrave (and there were 4 more sheets, that I needed to make).

The bigger, noticeable difference came about with masking vs unmasking.
This design is reversed, so you don’t trace over the indentions. I unmasked (removed the taped) on the side I would score on. The back was an easy peal, after scoring.

I’m very happy with the results and it was cool to put to the test the defocus rumors. I found unmasking was the factor that came into play. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. :smile:


Thank you @BartonMarket for posting your settings for the trace boards! :slight_smile: I never could find what settings everyone was using for them! :hearts:

The boards you created came out lovely!!! :hearts:

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Wow, Barton, You are one lucky SOB!! I just found out about what a glowforge is! I thought I was in a virtual studio.

I one of my past lives, I was a librarian. Teachers would come for basic reference questions, and then a few off the wall ones. I special ed teacher was having problems getting her student to write words. The student could have a completed vision for his printing. he needed a 3d way of feeling the printed word. this would have been an answer.

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Oh, I wouldn’t call it luck. :laughing: It didn’t accidentally fall into my hands.

These can be done other ways. I have seen people buy acrylic from the dollar tree and apply vinyl to the back. Creativity never ends!